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HDMI CL2 Cable

Enjoy the audio and video experience with peace of mind!
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Experience 8K Brilliance

Certified Fiber HDMI Cables for Unmatched Visual Prowess

8K Certified HDMI Fiber Optic Cable

RUIPRO Crystal 8K Fiber HDMI Cable UHS Certified HDMI2.1 Cable is the first true 8K60Hz for long reach HDMI interconnection solution on the market, allowing home theatre, gaming enthusiasts, audio visual users, large venue system designers, installers and home enthusiasts to ensure their cabled infrastructure.


8K UL HDMI Cable

The RUIPRO 8K CL2 class in-wall secure HDMI cable is the first true 8K@60Hz / 4K@120Hz long distance HDMI cable on the market.


8K Gen3/C UHS Certified Copper Wire

We are proud to introduce a series of 8K UHS certified copper HDMI cables equipped with high-speed data transmission technology to provide unparalleled picture quality and UHD experience for your visual enjoyment.

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